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Pandith Shankar is one of the rarest, of the new era, the Best Astrologer in Sydney who has knowledge, is exceptionally qualified, has technical knowledge, has traveled widely, is clear, has a twisted brain and is one of the world's leading brands. Astrology and numerologist, a standout among the most sought after Best Astrologer in Sydney today. World-famous astrologer Not everyone knows, but great articles and similar planets and stars have an impact on human lives. Therefore, this is precisely what astrology manages.

It is said that the circumstance of the moon, the sun, the stars and the planets in which it was conceived controls its sentimental connections, influences its identity and anticipates its budgetary fortune and other divinations.

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I am really glad to meet Pandit Shankar, thank you so much sir for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction, I had no clue why things were going wrong with me and I was misleading in my directions of career and marriage, no one were supporting me nor parents nor friends facing lot of financial issue. Pandith Shankar is good and best astrologer in Canada recently I came across.

He is very genuine and huge experience in astrology great character with simplicity doesn't charge in commercial way he person who fairly responds to peoples problem helps them to think positive and get ride of their persiflage and professional I have meet many astrologers, Pandith Shankar ji stands very differently as a genuine person.

I had got many good advice and predictions from him.

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He is very good astrologer in sydney. His service is good and responsible and the support team reacts well and fast to solve your issues.

Their information depth is very deep and correct and they have the best astrologer Sydney. What is astrology? Answered by the world famous astrologer World-famous astrologer Not everyone knows, but great articles and similar planets and stars have an impact on human lives.

Send Your Message. This man, with his humble cotton outfit, could not have been more than thirty, at the most. He was from Pokhara, and famed throughout Nepal.

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His predictions, people said, were never wrong. He had studied for twelve years at the Benares Hindu University, and his knowledge of Vedic astrology was beyond dispute. Everyone went to him, from the Prime Minister to the lowly guard who stood by the gate. Mohan Shamsher sat there in his room, watching the man from behind the curtain.

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The astrologer cleared his throat, and began. Mohan Shamsher had sent the Khardar to consult the astrologer on his behalf. Because he was curious, he had stayed in the same room, though out of sight, behind the thick wine-red velvet curtains.

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The inch of space in between the two halves gave him a clear view of the young man who sat on the white cushion in front of him, only a few feet away. He appeared ordinary, surprisingly nondescript.

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The hall stretched out in all directions, a curtain here, a staircase there, a wall thick with paintings in one corner, a wall of books in the middle. On the floor was a tiger rug, with the head of the animal raised in a snarl. Every nook and cranny was filled with shadows, and he imagined that invisible people were watching him from the darkness. The astrologer knew he was in the house of a man of great importance.