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Clinton was only imagining what it would be like to talk with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi, not literally trying to 'channel' the spirits of the dead.

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A long-time searcher for spiritual meaning, Mrs. Clinton had conjured conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt long before she met Dr. Harding all tried, in one way or another, to communicate beyond the grave. Unlike Nancy Reagan, Hillary never tried to use psychic powers to influence her husband. And to many women, Hillary Clinton is not a cold-eyed conspirator but a martyr.

Women teetered on high heels standing on precarious plastic folding chairs to catch a glimpse of the First Lady as she worked the crowd.

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Is there anything to Whitewater? Houston -- as a Joan of Arc figure, persecuted for her righteous crusade. As Thomas presented Hillary as popular in ultraliberal Boston, the June 21, Boston Herald account of the fundraiser presented a less than popular figure. Reporter Joe Sciacca quoted a Democratic operative: "They couldn't give tickets away. A lot of people got [free tickets].

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Even the applause lines were off. A lot of people are getting concerned. They certainly were enthusiastic Hillary-lovers at this lunch I don't think the point's negated if they had difficulty selling tickets. This is not the spin Newsweek gave the Nancy Reagan story.

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  • She was an embarrassment to the Christians in politics. Newsweek failed to try these lines of attack on Mrs.

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    Clinton's Methodist commitments. Right now you need to be in order to recharge.

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    • There always is, after all. But how are you going to find it if you only ask yourself?

      You like to make others comfortable and require as little as possible from them. But people really like and need to be put to work. When people show you who they are, you believe them.

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      As much as it might seem fun being so well-thought of that your status is elevated to the stratosphere, the real fun has nothing to do with being high-status. Accessibility and vulnerability are your finest assets. The thing may seem lost to you, but of course, nothing is ever really lost. Winter vacation will be both relaxing and exciting.

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      Taurus and Gemini adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 5, 19, 40 and Even so, under these stars, the flicker of internal process will emerge across the face before the consciousness has a chance to tamp it down.

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      Those adept enough to pick up on this will understand the inside of a situation and be able to use the information for a number of purposes. Midweek, Mercury leaves Cancer for the entertaining realm of Leo. The weeks to come favor expressive, emotional stories that involve varying degrees of truth.